MenoMove: Pioneering Menopause Awareness, Support, And Education For A More Supportive And Inclusive Workplace


Ignorance is no longer a safe place to hide with regards to the issue of menopause. Protecting employees from feelings of shame and the difficulties associated with navigating menopause is becoming a business imperative as more people become self-aware.

MenoMove, developed by Business Engage Association NPC, is spearheading a transformative shift in the corporate world, aiming to redefine workplace cultures and emphasising menopause awareness, education and support. This collective effort of corporates, supported by Liberty  Two Degrees (L2D)  and Life Healthcare  strives to break down the stigma surrounding menopause and foster a workplace environment of empathy and support.

Amelia Beattie Chief Executive of L2Dsays “Menopause is a human issue and not just a women’s issue. It is also not a medical issue but an issue of diversity, inclusion and giving women a sense of belonging while enabling them to thrive where they are in their life stages. It is therefore our collective duty to educate and instil an open company culture in the workplace. At its core it affects every facet of life and by speaking openly and having a collective voice, we can change the narrative and the myths surrounding the matter, shining a light on empowering everyone to embrace menopause.

“Recognizing and supporting women going through menopause is not just a matter of respect, care and compassion –  it’s a business imperative. By creating a supportive and safe environment, Corporate SA will empower female employees to thrive, contribute and succeed, at any stage in their lives. Life Healthcare is proud to partner on this initiative to help build supportive workspaces that make women feel comfortable and safe”, says Avanthi Parboosing, Chief People Officer, Life Healthcare.

Menopause marks a period of 12 months without a menstrual cycle and characterised by symptoms such as hot flashes, weight changes, headaches, and anxiety, is a significant yet often neglected aspect of women’s health, typically occurring between the ages of 40-45. MenoMove is challenging corporate norms by highlighting menopause not as a taboo but as an opportunity for companies to nurture a more understanding, inclusive, and productive workplace culture.

MenoMove’s comprehensive approach includes a range of support solutions and resources for individuals and corporations alike. These initiatives aim to normalise conversations about menopause, offer educational workshops and resources, an interactive chat facility, MenoMove conversations, measurable metrics, a solid social media presence, continuous learning opportunities, and access to expert knowledge sharing.

Colleen Larsen, CE of Business Engage adds, “As CEO of Business Engage, I’m immensely proud to lead the MenoMove initiative, a testament to our commitment to fostering inclusive and supportive work environments. MenoMove empowers corporates to embrace and support every phase of their employees’ lives as well as provides a platform and the relevant tools to nomalise conversations. This initiative is a pivotal step towards redefining corporate cultures with empathy and inclusivity at their core.”

We invite corporates and individuals to embark on this important journey with us towards creating workplaces where empathy and inclusivity are at the forefront. Together, we can effect real change and establish new benchmarks for impact in menopause support, awareness and education.