AMVCA 2024 : Glitz, Glam And What To Expect

AMVCA 2024 : Glitz, Glam And What To Expect
AMVCA 2024 : Glitz, Glam And What To Expect

It’s the 10th edition of the AMVCA this year and the anticipation is already off the charts, from the build-up to the event itself to the infectious anticipation for the winners of the night, the energy is amped and the AMVCA promises to be filled with Glitz and Glam like never before.

Get ready to see new faces take home awards, fashion at its peak and creativity in its truest form, all at the AMVCA 10.

Here are some things you should expect at the AMVCA:

Two Days Of Goodness

The 10th AMVCA is a 2-day event, kicking off with the Young Filmmakers and Content Creators event in the morning, followed by the Cultural Day and Opening Night celebration in the evening with the main awards ceremony happening on 11 May. The AMVCA is known for showcasing African creativity at its finest at different organized events and this year’s edition will not fall below the set bar.

A Tale Of The Jury

This year’s AMVCA came with many changes such as the nominations list being reduced from 33 categories to 27, the Best Actor and Best Actress, as well as Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories, will now be determined by the jury which has filmmaker, director, and producer Femi Odugbemi as the Head Judge for this year’s AMVCA and others. With the nominees list comprising A-list talents, the judges have their work cut out for them.

Party After Party Killer Looks

Every AMVCA award night comes with an elite after-party for the cream de la cream in the entertainment industry, this party comes with its own unique dress code, lots of fun, loud music and celebrities vibing in their success. One thing to look out for from this party is the looks that hit the internet the next day or you can stay glued to your favorite socials to join the fun as it happens.

Recognition Awards For Deserving Talents

The 10th AMVCA will feature two categories of awards that are not up for nomination, the trailblazer award and the lifetime achievement awards which will be doled out by the organizers of AMVCA based on merit, not by jury decision or audience voting. We get to see deserving filmmakers, creatives, producers and directors take home these awards with the knowledge that they were understood and their craft appreciated.

Fashion Statements from Famous Designers

Remember the infamous Big Brother Naija star Omashola’s AMVCA outfit that seemed to predict the historical lockdown in 2020 and Toyin Lawani’s “Buffalo head” dress from the 2022 AMVCA? Get ready to see more of these elaborate designs from new and known designers and celebrities who can’t wait to slay the red carpet.

Premium Joy And Touching Appreciation Speeches

One certain thing is the night will not end without close-up shots and video clips of the winners giving their appreciation speeches in tears and full of gratitude. There can be no other joy greater than being recognized for the effort you put into your skill and what better way to be rewarded than having blockbusters and a shiny award with your name on it? Absolutely nothing.
Voting closes on the 28th of April 202., Head to the voting platform register, scroll through the categories, select your favourite nominees, and click on vote. Voting on the website is limited to 100 votes per person so you can vote for multiple nominees