Terra Cube Reaches Over 2 Million Lagos Households


In a flavorful journey across Nigerian households, Terra Cube embarked on a mission to unwrap joy and unleash taste sensations in over 2 million Lagos homes. Through an innovative contact program launched in 2024, the brand has been actively engaging consumers, sharing cooking experiences in reaching thousands of Lagos households.

Central to this activation is the opportunity for consumers to have an immersive brand experience in the world of Terra Cube, experiencing firsthand the quality and versatility of the Terra Seasoning Cube varieties.

As part of the campaign, a community cooking competition was organized in Lagos State communities, where enthusiastic home cooks displayed their culinary skills using Terra Cube products. It was an exciting experience for both the brand and consumers, the brimming enthusiasm, and friendly competitive environment made consumers connected to the brand on a deeper level and allowed participants to explore the endless possibilities of seasoning with Terra Cube.

Ibrahim Adekunle from Lekki exclaimed, “I never imagined cooking could be this fun, Terra Cube brought our community together, and the flavours we created were simply unforgettable.”

Chika Okoye from Abule Egba also said, “Participating in the cooking competition was an absolute joy. The aroma of spices filled the air, and I felt a sense of pride representing my community in the competition. It is amazing how a small cube can make such a big difference in flavor. Thank you, Terra Cube, for this memorable experience.”

Folashade Ajao, another participant in the cooking competition held in Alapere, shared her thoughts, “The Terra contact program for me was a feast for the senses and celebration of flavor. I participated in the community cooking competition, and using Terra Cube elevated my dish to a completely new level. “I’ve been using Terra Cube for years, and it’s the secret ingredient that always makes my dishes stand out. As someone who loves experimenting in the kitchen, I appreciate the versatility of Terra Cube. Whether I’m cooking Nigerian meals or trying out international cuisines, Terra Cube always enhances the taste”

“Since I tasted the meal from the community cooking competition I noticed the depth of flavor, rich aroma, and taste in the meals. It has become an essential ingredient in my pantry, and I would not cook without it. It adds an authentic, homemade taste to my dishes, making every meal feel special.” Ngozi, a community trader said.

Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group expressed his excitement about the program, stating, “We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response from consumers who have embraced Terra Cube as their go-to seasoning choice. The contact program has been instrumental in deepening our connection with our consumers and understanding their preferences better. We look forward to expanding this program to other major communities in Nigeria” He said

He further emphasized the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality seasoning solutions to Nigerian households. “At Terra Cube, we believe in enriching the culinary experiences of our consumers. Through initiatives like the contact program, we aim to connect with our consumers, learn from them and together bring about a positive transformation in their cooking experience”.