Influencers Favor Useless Emojis For Instagram Fame


Have you ever scrolled through your phone’s emoji keyboard and wondered why certain emojis even exist? Surprisingly, those seemingly “useless” emojis might just be the key to grabbing the attention of influencers on Instagram.

How These Useless Emojis Will Get You Noticed By Influencers on Instagram

“Emojis are the new universal language. And, on Instagram, they’re often the secret sauce to getting noticed,” states Jason Adler, a software engineer at Repocket.

Believe it or not, emojis can play a much bigger role on Instagram than just spicing up your captions. Some seemingly meaningless emojis can subtly draw the attention of influencers and help you boost your visibility. Here’s a look at how they can help you stand out.

Emojis: An Underrated Tool

According to the Guardian, an emoji can act as a visual punchline, adding color and emotion to our otherwise text-based interactions. Adler explains, “Leveraging the ‘useless’ emojis to catch an influencer’s eye is about understanding the potential of these minor characters to tell stories, evoke reactions, or merely, amuse.” It seems counter-intuitive, but these so-called ‘useless’ emojis can be turned into a useful tool.

What Emojis to Use?

Using the same heart or thumbs-up emojis as everyone else won’t do the trick. If you want to get noticed, you need to be more inventive. We’ve laid out some examples below:

  1. Funeral Urn: Funeral Urn emojis can be one of the most useless emojis that people use. However, when you use it to convey condolences to influencers, you will surely become the center of attention.
  2. Floppy Disk: According to ponderosa, as a creative and digital marketing agency, we’re pretty technical. But, we refuse to believe that everyone else in the world is still using floppy disks. Has anyone heard of a USB?
  3. It’s a sign!: This emoji could also be jokingly used to warn people about the dangers of reaching into giant oysters, which sounds pretty ridiculous, but who knows? There might even be a related emoji called “Cavity Search” coming out in 2017, or so the rumors say.

The Art of Using Emojis

Adler provides an insightful tip, “When using these emojis, the key is to attach them to substantive, engaging comments. Merely slapping an emoji onto a ‘Great post!’ comment won’t be as effective”. It’s essential to add value with your comments and use emojis to underscore your point, not to replace words entirely.

Understanding the context and the influencer’s content is crucial in choosing the appropriate emoji to use. Don’t overdo it – although innovative emoji use can make you stand out, you don’t want your comments to be dismissed as gimmicky or insincere.

Now that you know the secret, start experimenting with these underrated emojis to get noticed. Remember, while emojis offer a fun and quirky way to stand out, the content of your comments is just as important. Show genuine engagement and offer concise, insightful responses. Zest up your interactions with influencers using emojis and watch your profile gain the attention it deserves!

So, after delving into the unexplored power of these ‘useless’ emojis, we leave you with a powerful message from Adler, “On Instagram, we communicate in images; Emojis are an extension of that, a visual shorthand to signify emotions, intent, or even shared culture. And, who knows, with the right combination of words and emojis, you might just catch the eye of your favorite influencer.”