BioCair Celebrates 10th Anniversary

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 17 May 2024 – BioCair, Singapore’s leading non-toxic air and surface disinfectant brand, is excited to celebrate its 10th anniversary of protecting families from harmful germs. Marking a decade of dedication, BioCair reaffirms its commitment to offering safe, non-toxic solutions for safeguarding health and well-being, emphasising its continued focus on shielding its valued customers from harmful pathogens.

BioCair has been offering non-toxic air and surface disinfectant solutions since 2014. Utilising innovative ion-energising technology, BioCair developed the BC-65™ solution, providing effective germ protection without the use of harmful chemicals. BioCair continues to lead the way in innovation, upholding the highest disinfection standards to safeguard customers from harmful germs.