Konga Launches Digital Goods and Services


Konga.com is staying true to its mantra of quality, trust and integrity as it launches a lifestyle and services platform on its site to give a wholesome shopping experience to shoppers.

This is in line with its goal of making trustworthy goods and services available to shoppers using technology as a driver. The initiative will give shoppers an awesome shopping experience at competitive prices and merchants also have the opportunity to grow their existing offline businesses.

Speaking about the lifestyle and services section, Konga’s Director of Special Projects, Mark Russell said: “Konga has cemented its place as a platform of choice when it comes to quality and trust.  We wanted to ensure that those same fundamental principles are part of every Nigerian’s daily life, if you are servicing a generator, ordering great food, increasing your education or relaxing at a Spa, you have the right to expect exceptional quality delivered by professionals you can trust, that is where Konga’s new ‘Lifestyle & Services‘ section comes to your rescue.

“We’ve done the hard work for you, to ensure that every product or service you see listed has been thoroughly checked, and is continually rated and reviewed.  We know when times are tough every kobo counts, we don’t want people to waste time and money on sub-standard services, or experiences that don’t meet their expectations.

“So just as millions of Nigerians are already saving time & money on mobile phones, laptops, grocery items and much more on konga.com, we want to extend our guiding principles to Nigeria’s everyday needs, with the same levels of trust, safety and security.”

While commenting, Director, Marketing & Customer Experience, Mayowa Adebayo said: “We have built convenience into completing transactions and have created a platform that ensures customers’ funds are safe until they redeem purchased services using KongaPay. KongaPay is one-of-a-kind payment processor that ensures that the process, from the purchase of a service to redemption, is seamless, secure and satisfactory.”

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Konga is constantly looking for ways to give shoppers the best online shopping experience because of its belief that Nigerians deserve the best services that add immense value to their lives. Konga’s lifestyle and services is another pointer to this.