Coca-Cola Considers Use of Robots for Ads Creation


World famous brand, Coca-Cola is considering the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI Bots) in creation of its global advertisements. The company is known for creating some of the best works in the advertising industry.

The brand’s global senior digital director, Mariano Bosaz while speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday, said he wants to get a better feel on how brands can use artificial intelligence because he’s interested in swapping in robots for humans that crank out ads.

Bosaz said, “content creation is something that we have been doing for a very long time—we brief creative agencies and then they come up with stories that they audio visualize and then we have 30 seconds or maybe longer. In content, what I want to start experimenting with is automated narratives.”

In theory, Bosaz thinks AI could be used by his team for everything from creating music for ads, writing scripts, posting a spot on social media and buying media. “It doesn’t need anyone else to do that but a robot—that’s a long-term vision,” he said. “I don’t know if we can do it 100 percent with robots yet—maybe one day—but bots is the first expression of where that is going.”

Bosaz isn’t alone in envisioning human-less creative. AI is already being used to create commercial music and jingles and publishers like the AP are experimenting with using robots to write copy.

He noted that while bots and data may not be able to write an entire script, they are capable of putting together the first 5 seconds of a commercial or the end of a spot because “you always have the same closing” in Coke ads, where an image of the brand’s logo flashes across the screen with a tagline.

In terms of Coca-Cola’s interest in AI for media buying, Bosaz said that Coke already buys ads programmatically but that it’s “far from” putting more than half of its media budget into programmatic.

Coca-Cola is also looking for ways to use programmatic technology to fulfill eCommerce sales through tactics like subscriptions, though Bosaz didn’t say exactly what that may entail.

Right now, Coke sells though third-party retailers like Amazon and Tesco, vending machines and a small portion of sales come from direct-to-consumer programs like Share a Coke.

(Marketingedge Nigeria)