‘Go Viral’ Is Not A Smart Marketing Strategy

Everyone wants to go viral. It’s the marketer’s dream. Only 15% of marketers go viral. The odds are already stacked against you. But still many marketers try to get that 15 minutes of fame. So why wouldn’t you aim for this level of success?

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The truth is going viral isn’t an effective content marketing strategy at all. It can actually work against you. This guide is going to show you some of the reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t be trying to make viral happen. Of course, if it happens naturally then that’s fantastic, but don’t go out of your way to do it.

The Odds Are Against You

You can publish thousands of pieces of content and none of them will go viral. This is a very real possibility, but it’s something a lot of marketers don’t take into account. It makes little sense to chase after something so elusive when a solid content marketing strategy is likely to make you far more money and do far more for your business.

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Can All Content Go Viral?

Not all content will go viral. Some pieces of content are inherently designed not to go viral. For example, a comprehensive guide on managing your taxes is unlikely to provide any appeal for the people of Facebook. On the other hand, it’s a hundred times more useful to your target audience than that cute cat video.

You may well be in an industry where viral content isn’t a possibility, so why would you chase something like this?
It Makes No Logical Sense

For a start, most viral content goes viral because it happens to catch a certain trend. Many viral content pieces go viral for seemingly no reason whatsoever. The content isn’t evergreen and it will often have an extremely short shelf life.

The type of content is not something that’s going to help your customers in the long-term. For the vast majority of businesses, viral content has little to no relevance to them whatsoever.

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Furthermore, viral content doesn’t actually do anything for your business. First of all, those 15 minutes of fame is literal. It does only last for 15 minutes and then people forget about you. And all that traffic isn’t necessarily going to lead to any conversions. Most of the traffic coming in will be people who have no intention of buying anything.