Nigeria and chill

A group of Nigerian men drink beer and listen to television updates on the election results, at the Flexx Bush Bar and Lounge in the Sabon Gari neighborhood of Kano, Nigeria, Monday, March 30, 2015. Nigerians are waiting in hope and fear for results of the most tightly contested presidential election in the nation's turbulent history. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

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There are some skirmishes which no doubt

can only be negotiated over suya and a cold stout

There are some times when friendships may seem vague

but all can be won over a mug of tea and some cake

And indeed there will be moments when things go a bit sallow

and relaxation can only come from correct okra soup with ‘swallow’

BUT for those times when life seems dull and in need of some spice

do yourself a favour and find your answer in a bowl of Jollof rice.

(Fuhara Asani – Orisirisi )