Nigerian singer-songwriter/Rock Musician Zainab Sule releases her new single “ADRENALINE” via all digital partners.

The track is a build up to the release of her third album which will be out in the final quarter of 2017.

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Calling the track a “very interesting process,” singer Zainab Sule says that “ADRENALINE” was inspired by how many times she has seen people become junkies in the bid to fit in, whether as artists or individuals. “It’s not a new thing”, she says, “and I wouldn’t be hypocritical to say we are better than them. But as the song says… I guess secret is in finding a different source of ‘high’. Which is what the general theme of the song is about – Something better.”

Produced by Abuja based Oscar, ADRENALINE is an upbeat, eclectic mix of guitars, synths and strings, a slight, but intriguing deviation to the music Zainab Sule is normally known for.

Listen to “ADRENALINE” on

For Zainab Sule.
The Queen of Soft Rock.

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