‘Why InnJoo’s laptop is a unique brand’


With the need to  be innovative and  reduce users burden as Nigeria embraces ICT, the InnJoo  Technology Nigeria  has introduced to the Nigerian market the first Leap Book that users can charge with a power bank or in a car; one  doesn’t need to buy any adaptors or any other attachment to charge it.

Shedding light on this new development, the Country Manager of innJoo Technology, Nigeria , Mr Rakesh Rocque,  said  that the company’s brands are unique products that stand out among their competitors.

“This  is the first laptop in Nigeria that you can charge with a power bank or in a car; you don’t need to buy any adaptors or any other attachment to charge it. It has USB cable which you can put on a power bank, on a car charger or put it on a normal charger. So if you go with any other laptop charger, you’re charging at a go.

“InnJoo laptop also comes with a window 10 Operating system. You can see that window 10 operating system itself is costing N200: 000 Naira  to N250:000  Naira respectively.  InnJoo laptop has actually got all it takes. We manage to produce it and bring it to Nigeria. Nigerian government and stakeholders are clamouring for local content in ICT and wants foreign companies to set up assembly plants here. This is something we plan to do,” Rakesh revealed.

Continuing, Rakesh whose products has been given positive and wide review  continuously since the beginning of this year also said that Nigerian government has endorsed the product.

“To be mentioned openly and with enthusiasm is  the most newly introduced InnJoo  Leap Book.   It has   passed through all the certifications by SON and NCC is poised to take Nigerian market by the storm with its  slim design, durability, affordability ; and the  great news  is that,  it is  the first laptop in Nigeria that you can charge with a power bank or in a car; where you don’t need to buy any adaptors or any other attachment to charge it. The era of unnecessary burden is gone.

“Our  products are much sought after in the market because the brands, laptops and phones, are now consumers delight. We  believe in feeling the users pulse , make them comfortable and treat them like kings. We just don’t push anything out just like that.

“InnJoo brand is consumer friendly. We are taking over market share from other brands because our price is friendly. In terms of Leap which is a laptop, it is unique to any brand.  I can proudly say that InnJoo is a pioneer in this market. Bringing these laptops to Nigerians, one is about the design. The design if you compare it to any other product it is about 300,000 above. We have actually selectively chosen all the features which were not useful, removed them and still the laptop works perfectly.

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“Another major thing to put in mind is the price for this laptop which is below N100: 000 Naira only .  It is for all our fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters, who want to acquire a laptop basically with very slim and nice design and below N100:000  Naira only, to go for it.”

On the quality and the notion that Chinese products are inferior; Rocque said that InnJoo products are not sub-standard, adding that it  is not just pocket friendly. He said  all efforts were made to ensure compliance with what is obtainable in a competitive market.

“Though there might have been something like fake or sub-standard attached to Chinese products in the past, the Nigerian government and NCC have come in a big way to eradicate all these Chinese phones from the market. No doubt that InnJoo is also a Chinese brand, but we are not fake as we have passed through all the certifications. All these products have been passed by SON and NCC. There is liberty for anybody to confirm my claim. We are proud of our products,” Racque said.

He also noted that there is after sale services, as well as warranty.

“We have after sales service.  If it is a warranty, we can repair it within seven days if it is in Lagos, and if it is out of Lagos, we do it in 14 days. So the consumers don’t have to worry about the cost of the phone because it is warranted. If it is out of warranty, supposed it is damaged, phone screen is damaged, and port is damaged when you are charging using unauthorized plug. All these things are basically out of warranty repairs. Out of warranty repairs, InnJoo is the only brand who is giving its consumers insurance. If you break your phone, we will repair it for free at least once in a year. So that takes away your burden. We could have given you caps, we could have given you T-Shirts, pen; all because other brands are doing it, but we said no. We want to make positive and indelible marks in the mind of our users.

“Again suppose you are buying a phone of N50:000 ,  how will you feel to go and repair the phone for N25:000 Naira , or N30:000 Naira ?. You will definitely feel bad, so that is what we feel and we are doing it uniquely and very different from others. And that is what InnJoo is all about. We are out for betterment of the society,” the Country Manager said.