Lightspeed, global leaders in digital data collection, today announced a strategic partnership with Affectiva to capture emotional coding within its surveys. Lightspeed introduces Emotion Analytics across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

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Emotion Analytics, initially launched in APAC in 2016, offers researchers the ability to quantify emotion from more than 5.5 million Lightspeed panelists in real time through Affectiva’s emotion recognition technology built on an automated facial coding system. Using algorithms that measure the movement of all 43 facial muscles, Affectiva’s system quantifies 20 facial expressions and seven emotions, the intensity of those emotions and if those emotions are positive or negative. Emotion Analytics leverages Affectiva’s dashboard to evaluate the moment-by-moment emotional reaction and engagement to an advertisement by age and gender, these measures are benchmarked against norms built on the analysis of over 24k advertisements.

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“This collaboration is indicative of our commitment to deliver the next generation of market research solutions that leverage a combination of attitudinal and behavioral data,” stated Edan Portaro, Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Mobile Strategy at Lightspeed. “In today’s multi-tasking environment, it’s more important than ever to design commercials that are engaging; Affectiva’s emotional measurement precisely assesses video content through a variety of key metrics.”

Gaining insights from consumers requires trust and a positive relationship. Lightspeed has obtained consent from a majority of panel members to collect emotional measurement responses as well as a wide range of valuable information about habits, characteristics and behaviors.

“Marketers are going beyond surveys to connect with today’s consumers. Combining Lightspeed’s double-opt in panel and data collection capabilities with Affectiva’s emotion recognition technology adds a significant new dimension to market research and consumer behavior analysis,” stated Gabi Zijderveld, Chief Marketing Officer at Affectiva.

Lightspeed will be showcasing its latest technology solution at a series of upcoming events and conferences, including The Insights Show, GOR and IIEX North America. To learn more about the company’s capabilities, visit or follow Lightspeed on Twitter.

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Affectiva, an MIT Media Lab spin-off, is the pioneer in Emotion AI, the next frontier of artificial intelligence. Its emotion recognition technology senses and analyzes facial expressions of emotion. Affectiva’s patented software uses computer vision, deep learning and the world’s largest emotion data repository of more than 5 million faces analyzed in 75 countries. Affectiva enables developers to add emotion-sensing and analytics to their own apps and digital experiences, and is used by more than 1,400 brands to gather insight and analytics in consumer emotional engagement.