DJ Garber wins first #SmirnoffX1FemaleDJ


Committed to encouraging a new generation of female DJs in Nigeria and promoting the brand’s advocacy for inclusivity, premium vodka, Smirnoff kicked off its #SmirnoffX1FemaleDJ initiative, an extension of its global commitment to encourage the number of female headliners by 2020.

Brand ambassador to premium vodka, DJ Spinall called out to female DJs across Nigeria to take part in the contest by sending videos of themselves,showcasing their turntable skills. Out of hundreds of entries received for the social media contest, only five entries selected before it was narrowed down to the top three finalists based on the videos with the most hits.

The top three finalists are DJs Moonlait, Frizzle and Garber. They performed alongside DJs Spinall and Lambo at the Smirnoff house party held in Jos, as part of activities for the celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day. Hence it was tagged International Women’s Day edition.

All of the top three finalists brought down the house with their turntable skills as they wowed the Jos crowd. For the final selection stage, Moonlait and Garber took part in another social media contest where DJ Garber emerged the winner.

While announcing DJ Garber as the winner of the contest, Smirnoff stated she would be performing at five Smirnoff house parties across country. She will also get an MTV Base profiling feature courtesy Smirnoff Vodka and as her ultimate reward, she will be performing alongside her idol, DJ Spinall at Smirnoff’s ‘The Lab’ holding in New York this month.