Free Public WiFi In BRT Buses (Internet speed screenshot)


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Free Public WiFi In BRT Buses (Internet speed screenshot) - Brand Spur   Free Public WiFi In BRT Buses (Internet speed screenshot) - Brand Spur

Testimonies are already rolling in from members of the public on this laudable service. 

“I was in a blue BRT bus this evening and I saw free wifi access. I decided to log in. I followed the wizard to log in via my Facebook account. Viola! I started browsing. I wad curious to check the speed as pages opened very fast. See pics for speed and Hotspot name. Thanks to Lagos State Government.  Not only AC i did enjoy but the free public WiFi. Come browse freely o”

In what is expected as additional value added service in its operations, Primero Transport Services Ltd, operator of the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, introduced a free internet access on board its fleet of buses.

Primero, which operates on the Lagos-Ikorodu BRT corridor with about 450 air-conditioned buses, is currently planning a partnership with a foreign firm to establish vehicle assembling plant in Ibadan, Oyo State by November this year, as well as multiple floor car park in Lagos to offer park and ride services to the public.

According to Fola Tinubu, Managing Director of the transport service provider, the WiFi will offer passengers on board BRT buses the opportunity of transacting their business online while riding.

“This service will be at no cost to the passengers. It is the kind thing you experience in some developed economies around the world” said Tinubu.

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The MD who explained the recent increase in the BRT fares, said it was unavoidable if the company is to continue to offer services to the public amid rising operational costs, worsened by foreign exchange crisis, high cost of diesel logistics, among others.


(Image credits: Nairaland)