FRSC Set To Impound The Following Vechicles


The Federal Road Safety Corps is stepping up enforcement on illegal use of Number Plates. The Corps has directed its Commands nationwide to clampdown on violation of Vehicle Identification (Number Plates) regulations. In focus are the following:

a) Use of illegal Number plates, for example, all vehicles bearing Number Plates such as PEACE AMBASSADOR, PEACE 1, are to be impounded on sight

b) Use of private Number Plates for commercial purposes

c) Use of diplomatic Number Plates/Vehicles for commercial purposes, particularly along the border towns

d) Some motorists, particularly government officials and politicians covering their vehicle number plates sown covers in varying color- most especially black and white

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e) Use of plastic plates and other forms of imitations of Number Plates and

f) Use of fake Number Plates.

Those who are operating their vehicles in breach of the traffic laws and regulations are advised to desist from the illegality as the violators will be arrested and prosecuted while the vehicles involved will also be impounded. All motorists and the general public should note.

Don’t be caught in the wrong side of the law, know what the law says.

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