Updated: List of approved Micro-finance Banks in Nigeria

A Micro-finance bank is a type of bank that offers small loans, or microloans, to individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. These banks typically function to provide opportunities to low-income regions where small amounts of money can go a long way. Simply put Micro-finance banks ultimately provide credit to those who are unable to access the type of capital needed to develop businesses or kick-start their entrepreneurial dreams.


According to the Apex Bank, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), there are 1023 Micro-finance banks in Nigeria and 5 are foreign owned.

Top 5 states are: Lagos, Anambra, Abuja, Ogun and Oyo while the bottom 5 are: Sokoto, Taraba, Bayelsa, Imo and Yobe.

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See below breakdown by states:

States No. of MFBs
Lagos 195
Anambra 81
Abuja 70
Ogun 60
Oyo 60
Delta 40
Kaduna 40
Kano 40
Niger 40
Osun 30
Kwara 27
Enugu 24
Kogi 24
EDO 22
ABI 20
Ondo 19
Rivers 19
Bauchi 17
Plateau 17
Ekiti 14
Akwa Ibom 13
Cross River 13
Jigawa 12
Adamawa 11
Benin 11
Kebbi 10
Nasarawa 10
Enbonyi 9
Katsina 7
Zamfara 5
Borno 4
Gombe 4
Sokoto 4
Taraba 4
Bayelsa 3
Imo 3
Yobe 1
Total  1023