42% of Nigerians installed antivirus software on their mobile phones


According to our online survey on “Mobile Banking in Nigeria” conducted between October and December 2016, only 42% of Nigerians who responded to the survey has an antivirus software installed on their mobile phones. 38% said they do not. A total number of 71 online respondents participated in the survey.

Other results from the survey regarding mobile phone security and protection from cyber threats do suggest that a fair number of Nigeria smartphone users appreciate the need to safeguard their information and data accessible through their phones.

For instance, 55% of respondents assign passwords to their smartphones to protects its data while an appreciable 63% stated that they are careful to download ring tones, photos, games, etc. to their smartphones only from trusted sources.

This should be good news for the banks and other financial institutions who have continued to leverage on the tools and opportunities that technology provide to enhance banking service delivery to their customers across the length and breadth of the nation.

Unlike in the developed nations, Nigeria is yet to confront any significant cyber threat. However, this may not continue to be so for long because of the increase in the number of users and volume of financial transactions carry out by Nigerians via the internet.

The country’s key actors, partners and stakeholders however need to improve further on these results. Many more smartphone users need to start taking steps to protect their data and other sensitive information from hackers and cyber thieves.






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