Chocolate City Launches Clothing Line (Pictures)


Nigerian music record label, ‘Chocolate City’ also known as ‘Choc Boi Nation (CBN)’ has just launched its own clothing line which debuts a range of unisex urban-inspired sweatshirts and joggers tagged “CBN Apparel”.

Choc Boi Nation teamed up with Celebrity and Brand Merchandiser, Jay Osbie to design and produce the debut range of the recession-inspired clothing line.

Speaking on the launch of the line, CEO of Jay Osbie, Adejuwon Isola-Osobu said, “I am excited to be working with Chocolate City Music on this project. Hip-hop in Africa is breaking boundaries. Merchandising is something we are passionate about and we have a great partner in CCM as they were able to recognise the opportunity. The idea behind this is really hopeful and inspirational – Control the economy”.

Chocolate City’s in-house DJ Lambo also explained that the fashion like was launched to inspire Nigerians in the face of the current hardship, “Hip-hop has always been socially conscious and with this line, we hope to inspire Nigerians to take ownership despite the recession and literally “control their own individual economies” through innovation and entrepreneurship in order to become self-reliant”.

Chocolate City’s M.I as well as other acts such as Dice Ailes showcases the debut collection of the clothing line.

See photos below:

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