TD Mobile Distributes Over 90% Smart Devices in Nigeria- MD


TD Mobile has the lion’s share in terms of market size in the Nigerian market smart devices distribution, Mrs. Gozy Ijogun, company’s Managing Director,  has disclosed.

Mrs. Ijogun, who was on a mission to inspire young girls to consider a career in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at a forum in Lagos recently noted that TD Mobile currently accounts for a significant proportion of the market share for mobile devices.

Established with a keen eye on the future of smart technologies and as a timely response to the dynamic and changing face of the industry and end-user requirements; TD Mobile has quickly acquired a reputation as the biggest distributor of smart mobile devices in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

The portfolios of its distributorship include the major smart devices brands in the market today: Infinix, Nokia, Samsung, Tecno, Alcatel, Lenovo, Huawei, InnJoo, XTouch, Gionee, Transcend, Toshiba, among many others.

“To give you a mental picture of how big TD Mobile is, please consider this: over 90% of the smartphones held by everyone in this room must have, in one way, or the other passed through TD Mobile. It may have been bought directly from Yudala, Slot, Konga, Jumia or anywhere else in the market but the direct sellers probably must have bought it from us at TD Mobile. Our turnover within the first couple of years surpassed even the target that was set at the beginning of the financial years,” Ijogun told the gathering.

“It was all down to the grace of God and of course, the dedication, commitment and hard work of every member of the team. And lest I forget, the majority of the current TD Mobile team are females: strong; focused women. They do not allow the fact that they are working in a male-dominated sector prevent them from achieving and surpassing their targets. Some of them are fragile-looking, just like me, but we are changing the world bit by bit in our own little corner.

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“If you are a young girl in this room and unsure of the prospects of embracing a career in ICT, or still living with the mindset that certain jobs and occupations are to be reserved for your male counterparts; then look at me and be inspired.  If I can make a success of it, what stops you from doing even better? Nigeria and the world needs you. The future is here! Seize it and do so firmly…”

On TD Mobile’s smart devices distinguishing prowess, she said, “With our wide distribution network and presence in major Nigerian cities and other West African capitals, TD Mobile possesses the latent capacity to take every brand on its stable to every nook and cranny in the hinterlands and to every action station in any metropolis.

“Apart from pioneering the use of online serial number confirmations which allows user authentication of all mobile devices, we have also carried on the legacy of our parent company by distributing only genuine products sourced directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)”.

A subsidiary of Technology Distributions Ltd. (TD), TD Mobile boasts of expertise and renowned capacity in the distribution of mobile devices. With its renowned reputation as a distributor of genuine mobile devices sourced directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), TD Mobile has become a by-word for reliability in the industry.