British Airways offers  slashed fares for travelers this summer. Fares this period will start from $410 for outbound flights from Lagos and Abuja to UK or Europe.

For World traveller, the fare is pegged at $410, while World Traveller Plus, Club World goes for $1,277 and $2,800 respectively.  The general public and customers of British Airways will have access to the slashed fare up until 30th June 2017. Outbound travel will be from 22nd July, up till 30th November 2017 with a minimum stay of 3 days and a maximum stay of 12 months.

Mr. Kola Olayinka, British Airways Regional Commercial Manager, West Africa, said, “The airline is looking at making the experience an unforgettable one this summer and individuals could take advantage of the slashed fares as a way of managing their travel budgets.”

The slashed fares will create an avenue for travellers who want to create a more robust experience this summer to UK or Europe. Early bird bookings are encouraged during the selected selling period.

British Airways is dedicated to providing a first rate experience to their valued customers who intend travelling for the forthcoming summer holiday.

It will be recalled that a British Airways flight from Heathrow airport to Tokyo on Thursday was forced to turn around due to a “technical glitch.” The flight was about halfway into its trip when it made the U-turn, touching back down in London after traveling 6,000 miles.

The Flight BA7 was cruising over northern Siberia when it was directed to turn around. The plane landed at Heathrow around midnight, about an hour after it was due to arrive at Tokyo’s Narita Airport.

A spokesman for British Airways claimed that the Boeing 777 “returned to Heathrow as a precaution after a minor technical issue.”

On their return to Heathrow, stranded passengers were given hotel rooms paid for by British Airways, and eventually got out the gate—for real this time—at 10:30 a.m. Friday morning.

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