Profitable Things To Enrol Your Kids To This Summer


The time of the year when your kids are going to stay home for almost seven weeks draws near, It is also the time of the year when they also get to write their exams that will get them promoted to the next class for the next academic session.

You have been wondering how you are going to keep them busy during this summer, yes you might be thinking of subscribing fully on your DSTV or your GOTV to keep them busy throughout as much as they do not interfere with your lined up plans,but then: you could as well let them get involved in activities that will  impact values to their lives and be beneficial to them in the nearest future, which is why I want to put you through a few profitable things to enrol your kids this summer which are:

  • Summer school: By enrolling your kids to a summer school/lesson, you do them a great favour of staying ahead of their classmates when they resume school.They are taught at summer school what they will be taught in the next academic session.
  • Technology Camp: Do you have that kid/kids that are lovers of anything technology related?Then,let me enlighten you on two technology programmes that will help your kids right here in Ibadan:First is “Summer Of Code” which will train your kids(boys and girls) on coding and allow them create their own animations and designs which will hold between July 31st – August 26th and the Second is “ W.Tech Girls Technology Camp” which exposes your girl child to a world of programming and design which will hold between July 31st – August 12th.Both programmes will be taking place at Nustreams Culture and Event Centre, Km 110, Abeokuta Rd, Off Alalubosa G.R.A Extension, Ibadan.
  • Skills Acquisition Centres: Have you discovered your kids that have a particular interest in areas such as dancing, crafting, designing, painting, cooking, music, drawing, cloth making,? etc.Then get them enrolled in a skill acquisition class where they can effectively practise their skills.
  • Readers Club/Library: A popular saying goes thus “Readers are leaders”.If you have a kid/kids that always love to read, then this summer will be a good time as a parent to get that child of yours enrolled in a readers club or a library.In that way, you are moulding the life of that child in the most positive way you can think of.