Get Your Hot Water From Your Kettle Using An App


There’s no debate that smart technology is taking over our spaces, from our homes to our jobs and even our education techniques. At the same time this new development has been an invitation for hackers who want to invade homes. But despite the very many flaws that take place within these objects, advancement cannot be stopped because of this. One of the most brilliant examples has to be the iKettle which is a WI-FI enabled gadget for your kitchen.

All from one simple touch you get to boil your water from an app on your phone and even alerts you when the water is boiled. Because of the security threats from hackers the home appliance has been replaced twice from last year and now has a much stronger security. At the end of the day the idea of sleeping in bed for a few extra minutes because you can warm water from your bed is quite appealing.

iKettle app screenshots

Best thing about this kettle are the added features that have been added some extras that make it more useful. In Wake up mode the app functions are your alarm clock. Set the time you want to get up and when the alarm sounds, tap OK to start boiling the kettle, or if you fancy a lie-in tap Snooze to delay it. Isn’t this so cool?

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