Stream Video Content Without The Internet; Use BlackBOX, Africa’s Next Netflix


BlackBOX, founded by Claude Marcello Champier is a broadcasting service that allows customers to stream content without an internet connection.

Claude Champier, founder of BlackBOX, started BlackBOX TV because he wanted to create a VOD (Video on Demand) system, a Netflix for Africa. However, he wanted people to have access to content without a conventional data connection.

Traditional streaming of content (e.g. Netflix) requires a data connection with sufficient bandwidth to operate. BlackBOX requires no such connectivity; instead, the product uses third party programmes written externally by programmers and developers.

The company’s proprietary software runs off of Android 4.4.2 (KitKat), and the company attempts to mimic the end-user’s interaction with that of a smartphone. Promising a simple “plug and play” experience, the company hopes to expand product usage internationally.

Another interesting aspect of BlackBOX is that there are no subscription fees. The company sells the product at a one-time cost. The price point for the product is affordable, and in most cases, more cost-efficient over the long term than subscription-based services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Among the biggest draws for the product is its simplicity. The product itself is shipped with three basic items: a power adapter, remote control, and HDMI cable. Instructions are relatively basic in nature, as the regional TV listings guide is already preinstalled. Listings automatically update every 15 minutes to provide the user with the most current information.

The content available to watch includes movies, TV shows, and sporting events. The specific programs are determined by regional availability, although a payable option called IPVanish exists. It spans over 40,000 IPs on a network of over 400 servers located in more than 60 countries around the world.

As the company is very new, it is difficult to ascertain the future levels of customer adoption. BlackBOX has goals to expand internationally, which could be difficult given the complexities of marketplace penetration in many countries.

Regardless it has already seen slight success as it was declared the winner at the Seedstars Maputo event as well as received an additional recognition as “Most Promising Seed-Stage Startup of Seedstars World Mozambique 2016.”

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