Coca-cola vs Pepsi: Higher sales for one as the other battles a damaged reputation


The news about Pepsi being contaminated, whether true or false, has resulted to an increase in sales for Coca-cola. Over the years the Coca-cola vs Pepsi war has been raging as people are undecided on which they favor. Although investigations so far show that the story was nothing but a hoax channeled towards the downfall of the company, people are still scared for their lives.

Reportedly, a similar incident occurred in India 2011 but didn’t get as much exposure as this time. Coca-cola on the other hand is the benefactor of Pepsi’s misfortune as its sales continue to skyrocket.

March 2017 saw Coca-cola battling with the allegation of ‘poisonous Fanta and Sprite’ among many other lawsuits, making things a bit gloomy for the company but the turn of events with Pepsi seem to be in their favor. The situation seems to be affecting overall soda sales as people are really scared for their lives but Coca-cola is on top of their game, making the most of the situation.

President and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, James Quincey, in their line with their second quarter report said,

“our second quarter results demonstrate continued progress against the strategic priorities we have laid out to accelerate the transformation of our business into a total beverage company with balanced growth across a consumer-centric portfolio. not only did we see strong performance during the quarter in rapidly expanding areas of our company, such as our innocent juice and smoothie business in europe, our organic revenue growth in sparkling soft drinks was led by innovation in and marketing support for our low- and no-sugar options like coca-cola zero sugar, which continues to roll out around the world. our performance gives us confidence that we will achieve our full year financial objectives even in the face of challenging conditions, and also demonstrates further success in evolving our portfolio to meet changing consumer tastes and preferences. while we are in a period of substantial transformation and change that is never easy, i am encouraged by the spirit of our people and partners as we reinvent the company for the future.”

Although there was no mention of the various suits leveled against them since last year and the impart it had on them, the company is just barely rising above its challenges. Be that as it may they are still taking full advantage of the HIV situation with Pepsi.


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