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The latest live chat session on our  Twitter  page was with Engr. Mohammed Abdullahi, Business Manager of the Abule-Egba Business Unit. This session is aimed at giving customers a platform to engage directly with their BM and get answers to whatever questions they asked.

If you missed the Live Chat session here’s what was talked about:

W. A. AYODELE@wapadunk:
#LiveChatWithIE Why does Abule-Egba BU need to takeaway a Transformer just for servicing? Don’t you have on-site personnel?

#LiveChatWithIE A transformer is taken away when major repair is needed & this can’t been done on-site. Only minor repairs can be done on site.
#LiveChatWithIE@IkejaElectric power supply has been erratic in Puposola area, new Oko Oba. What are you doing about that? LiveChatWithIE
Oko-oba has suffered a lot of vandalism. This year alone 6 inter-connector cables have been vandalized & this affects our ability to supply power to the area. However both the Oko-oba and Beckley 11kv feeders have been receiving good supply. #LiveChatWithIE
@IkejaElectric pre paid meter protect customers, y should I pay outrageous estimated bills when I am refused a prepaid metre #LiveChatWithIE
Ikeja Electric:
We haven’t refused prepaid meters & are currently metering our customers free of charge. Abule-Egba BU is now collating customers into clusters so when our new metering policy with local manufacturers kicks off we can meter at much faster rate. #LiveChatWithIE
How do i include my residence in the collation exercise? We are in dire need. #LiveChatWithIE
Because we want to ensure everyone is captured we’re working with Community Development Association (CDA) Pls meet yours. #LiveChatWithIE
#LiveChatWithIE I have seen a lot of improvement in Ikeja Electric service delivery. What must be the reason behind this?
I’ll attribute it to IE’s commitment to providing quality service to customers as we strive to overcome the challenges we face. #LiveChatWithIE
#LiveChatWithIE what is the update on meter can customer pay for meter now?
We’re putting a process in place to ensure adequate metering of our customers & will announce same when customers can pay for meters #LiveChatWithIE
What can u say sir to total disconnection of transformer in Lemode Agbado by @IkejaElectric becos few owes… #LivechatwithIE
#LiveChatWithIE The debt profile of the area in question is very high but we are now in talks with the community to resolve the issue.
Hi, IE is doing a great job, keep the good work going. Your customer service at Ago Undertaking is doing well. #LiveChatWithIE
Thank you for the commendation Ma. We will keep working to provide quality service to our customers. #LiveChatWithIE