Client service is dead

What has been the biggest change in the advertising industry over the last two decades, besides the rise of digital channels? Surely one of the biggest changes has been client service.
Back in the day, client service were paper-pushers. Glorified admin girls. Perhaps half-decent project managers, if you were lucky. That role is well and truly dead.
Thank goodness. But it doesn’t bode well for you or your agency if you think that this archaic role will satisfy your clients’ needs in 2017.
Susan Rowan

Susan Rowan

Your account managers are your first line of defence. Your front line. And a good front is half the battle won. If those individuals are weak, your entire agency will suffer, and it won’t matter how good the quality of your creative output is.

If you want happy clients, you’ll need a new-age suit.

And you might want to start your job description like this…

Client Lead wanted. Understanding of media channels. ATL, BTL, TTL. All 3 lines preferable. Juggler. Project Planner. Timing Planner. Budget Planner. Actually, Budget: Genius Level. PNL Manager. Knowing what PNLs are advantageous. Forecasting genius (clairvoyant ball is helpful). Ring-fencer of work. Fire extinguisher. Ego stroker. New business go-getter. Current business keeper. Over-communicator. Over-organiser. Briefer extraordinaire. Business advisor. Solution provider. Political player. Strategic thinker. Boundary-pusher. Must have a thorough understanding of CRM, SEO, CPC, ROI, DTP, 360o, OOH, B2B, B2C, CTA, SOV, PR, RTs, QR Codes, ARs, CTR, RRP, RSP, SWOT, UX, UI, RSVPs, PPT, KPIs, SEM, The 4 Ps, The 5 Ps, and all the Ps to come.

Account managers should see themselves an extension of their clients’ marketing team. If you’re just a vendor that provides services, it’s time to rethink!

Written by: Susan Rowan is a Client Service Director at Grey Advertising.
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