Is Kiwi The Best Shoe Polish Brand?


Shoe polish is a waxy paste, cream or liquid used to polish, shine and waterproof leather shoes or boots  to brighten  the foot wears’ shine, restore, maintain and improve appearance . It first came into existence in Australia in 1906.

It is a known fact that, various substances have been used for so many years, which according to research, started with natural substances such as wax and tallow. Modern polish formulas were introduced early in the 20th century, and many of those original formulations are still in use till today. The new brands are Kiwi, Lude, Flying Bird, Bee and Flower amongst others.

However, users share their experiences about their preferred brands in a chat with Rasaq Odunlami.

Salisu Jigawa, an experienced shoe shiner, said that Kiwi, Bee and flower are the most preferred brands, and that is why most customers demand for both. He shared his unwholesome experience some time ago, that  he used a particular brand,  to polish a customer’s shoe, who left and later returned angrily to demand for a refund.. The customer maintained that Kiwi is his best brand of shoe Polish.

Mr. Deji Shodunke, in his experience said that Kiwi is the best brand ever,because most other brands  damage  shoes. He said “Kiwi is the best product that I have used to polish my shoes. Most other brands are so bad because they spoil  shoes. I say this because I have used the many other brands and I know their unique offerings. So, Kiwi is my favourite brand.

Mr. Joseph Abagu, equally condemned other brands aside from Kiwi and Butterfly and he testified that Kiwi and Butterfly are best products. He said “Many of the shoe Polish brands aside from Kiwi and Butterfly  spoiled some of my shoes. I later changed  to Kiwi and Butterfly, and I can boldly tell you that both brands are the  best in the market . I strongly believe that most polish users can testify to this.”

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Mr. Femi Odumayin, said that Kiwi is the best product, He also added that Butterfly is good as well. “Kiwi is the best polish, because since I have been using it I always enjoy it. But many of the competing brands as far as I know destroy shoes. Butterfly is also good, because many shoe shiners are using it, and it makes shoe shine and look good. Butterfly is really improving, ” He said.

Another shoe shiner, Tambuwal Usman, also recommended Kiwi as the best product. He  advised to discard brands that spoil shoes, ,to avoid embarrassment from their customers.

Mr. Wasiu Saka, said that he loves  getting real value for his money which informed his decision long ago. He said he never get his shoes polished by shoe shiners. He said “I love getting real value for my money. This is what informed my decision long ago, never to get my shoes polished by shoe shiners. I started by using Kiwi brand, and I can attest that this brand is about the best. I used it for many years and I really got value for my money. My shoes sparkled always than most competing  brands but I later switched my loyalty to Lude brand and I can attest that since then till date I have not been disappointed. Lude is also good”.

Written by: Rasaq Odunlami