Lagos Water Corporation (LWC) Releases New Water Connection Process and Steps.

It is widely acknowledged, Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself. It is vital for reducing the global burden of disease and improving the health, welfare, and productivity of populations. It is central to the production and preservation of a host of benefits and services for people.
In a bid to provide access to clean and safe water, the Lagos Water Corporation recently released process and steps required to get connected to the corporation’s service across the state.
What you need to know:
1, The intending customer approaches Zonal LWC’s office to express interest in water connection to his/her property.
2, Help Desk Officers receives such request and sends the person
to meet the zonal Sales Commercial Manager of the zone.
3, ZSCM gives application/connection form to the person to fill.
4, ZSCM sends the information of the request to the Zonal Distribution Manager to determine the details of what will be required to effect the connection.
5, ZSCM will send Sales Commercial Officer to enumerate the property.
6, Based on the feedback from the site visited, the Zonal Distribution Manager will give the details/connection estimate, which includes the materials needed for the connection to the property.
7, The connection fee estimate is made by the ZSCM and is sent to the Headquarters through Customer Care Officer for generation of a connection bill.
8, The connection bill is processed by the Commercial Department and produced by ICT Department within 24hours.
9, Regional Customer Care Officer takes the connection bill back to the ZSCM who later send it to the intended customer through ZSCO.
10, The customer pays to the bank and presents a copy of the payment receipt to the ZSCM.
11, ZSCM will, in turn, present a copy of the receipt to ZDM who will immediately initiate the connection of the property by issuing a job card for the connection of the property.
12, The connection is effected by the Distribution team within 24hours and recorded in the distribution connection log book.
13, ZDM gives feedback of successful connection or otherwise to ZSCM.
14, If the property has been successfully connected, ZSCM insert the new database by filling the insertion form or if metered fills the meter reading insertion form after taking the meter reading at the end of the month.
15, Bill is generated by the following month, if on a flat rate or postpaid meter.