Mobile Phone Landscape In Nigeria – Courting The Forsaken Chinese Phone Brands


The potentials in Nigeria is enormous, with a growing population and more than 50% of its population is under 25 years. Current mobile phone data reveals that there are more than 143 million active mobile phone subscribers, out of which more than 97 million are internet enabled.

Consumers today have more powers at their fingertips, the advent of the smartphone is a great enabler and with the growing penetration of smartphones which is currently more than 30%; the way marketing is being done in the Nigeria has been impacted differently.

Previous research studies conducted by BrandSpur Ng has further emphasized the fact that the goal of every manufacturer is to have brands that are not only physically available but also mentally available; with an ever-increasing disruption in the consumer journey aided by the smartphone, being able to understand consumers’ use of the smartphone to enable better brand targeting and positioning at those critical moments of truth is one of the keys to winning in the market.

This report not only provides the necessary information about the mobile landscape, it also shows how the hitherto forsaken Chinese phone brands have become a force in the market with a significant pull of the share of the market.

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