Living In Lagos Mainland


Lagos, a metropolitan city in Nigeria, is known to have two divisions: the mainland and the island. Lagos is a hub of commercial activities and has a conducive environment for thriving businesses for both locals and foreigners alike. Major landmarks in the Lagos mainland are Ikeja, Alimosho and Yaba. These neighbourhoods reflect the unique hustle and bustle lifestyle that Lagos depicts. 

However, contrary to popular belief about Lagos mainland been not as desirable has the island; it  is a great place to live because of the following reasons:


Public transport works.You can actually move around easily by public transport with little or no challenges.Transportation varies in form of tricycle a.k.a Keke nape, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), Danfo, Bikes a.k.a Okada, taxi e.t.c All these options are available at relatively affordable rates and you can travel long distances on a tight budget.


The International Airport is located at  Ikeja which in turn boost economic activities due to the migration of people.You do not have to necessarily wake up early to rush for your flight if you reside in Lagos mainland due to the nearness of the airport to home.


Lagos mainland is home to many multinational companies. This hotspot has several manufacturing companies from various Industries including the following: Cadbury Nig. Plc., May & Baker, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Unilever Nig. Plc etc.


There is the Lagos Country Club where you can partake in a multitude of recreational activities such as Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Golf, Squash, Swimming and a host of other fun activities for you and the family.

There are also a number of 5-star hotels in the Mainland vicinity such as; Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Jonesville Hotel, Renaissance hotel, Protea hotel, Rockwell Suites, Lion gate Hotel, Hilton Palace Hotel etc. In addition, there are various malls the Ikeja City Mall, Maryland mall, Shoprite, Leisure mall Surulere.  There are various nightclubs and bars in Lagos mainland to relax after work.















You can eat very well with little money. Food is more affordable on the mainland compared to the island. Despite the recent economic hardships, it is easy to eat a traditional meal for about NGN 200 in Mainland’s ‘Bukkas’ – food vendors.















The mainland is still filled with local markets where visitors and locals can buy a variety of commodities and items at affordable prices, even enjoying opportunities of haggling. Foods are fresh and there are various local options as regards products brands. Example of local hotspot markets is Bariga, Yaba, and Mile 12 among others.


Properties in Lagos as a whole is generally expensive, however, you will find the most affordable rates on the mainland. From flats to studio apartments and hotels, the room rates are relatively lower. An added advantage is that there are fewer cases of flooding, unlike the island.














In conclusion, living in Lagos mainland is pocket-friendly because the standard of living is lower than Lagos island.



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