Harrysong Brings Legend’s Real Deal Experience To An Exciting End In Abakaliki (Pictures)


For music lovers in the city of Abakaliki, the Legend Real Deal Experience concert that held last night at the Abakaliki Township Stadium is one they won’t forget in a long time as the headline act for the show, Harrysong delivered as promised, and even took it a notch higher.

Fans and friends of the music star were treated to a great performance as the ‘Kingmaker’ himself went above and beyond to ensure the audience was thrilled.

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The ovation that greeted Harrysong’s appearance on stage was deafening and it got even louder as he began singing, starting out with the very popular ‘Reggae Blues’ hit and then proceeded with other hits like ‘Samankwe’ and ‘Baba for the girls’.

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Popularly known for his energetic stage performances, Harrysong left the crowd asking for more and all that were in attendance had wonderful things to say about it.

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A sweaty Chukuwemeka Ngwu, a resident of Abakaliki who attended the event couldn’t contain his excitement as he said, “I never expected to have this much fun. This event is really the real deal. It just felt like the party shouldn’t end. You see the crowd didn’t even want Harrysong to leave the stage.”

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Commenting on the show, Harrysong was full of praises for the organizers, saying, “I had so much fun tonight. Abakaliki feels like home for me. The love here is real. The short time I’ve spent here made me better appreciate my fans in cities that I don’t get to visit often. Tonight, everyone is happy and Legend made that happen. You guys are the real deal.”


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As promised, Legend Real Deal came through on its promise to give out fantastic gifts to winners of competitions at the event. The winners of the competition that held on the brand social media page were also announced.

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and they went home with N50, 000 cash prizes, while several others went home with fantastic prizes like flat screen TV, refrigerator etc. This has been the tradition at other Legend Real Deal concerts that have held in Lagos, Nnewi, Port Harcourt and some other major cities in Nigeria.

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The Portfolio Manager – Mainstream Lager and Stout brands, Nigerian Breweries, Emmanuel Agu said, “Although this isn’t our first Real Deal Experience concert, it seems as though there’s a special feeling here. The people of Abakaliki are loving and receptive and I’m glad they had plenty fun here tonight. The rave was beyond me. But most of all, tonight was a terrific experience, one that I’m sure the consumers here in Abakaliki won’t forget in a long time.”

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