All you need to know about Meristem Diaspora Trust (MDT)


Meristem Diaspora Trust (MDT) is a service/product of Meristem Trustees Limited aimed at Nigerians in the diaspora to ensure they execute projects/investment of their choice in Nigeria successfully whilst still residing abroad. This service is fully backed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

MDT is aimed at ensuring that the fear often faced by people in Diaspora who wants a reliable “eye” in Nigeria over their investments or home-coming plans are eliminated. It is a service/product designed such that oversight responsibilities are transferred to Meristem Trustees Limited represents and protect the interests of the owner with a view to ensuring that set investment objectives are achieved whilst you still reside abroad.


The service provides the following advantages:

  • It relieves the client of any stress and anxiety often experienced in undertaking investments whilst abroad.
  • The investment will be managed by a team of experts and is executed in line with your desires.
  • Meristem Trustees will ensure adherence to the Trust Deed (This is a Legal Agreement, which will be executed between Meristem and the investor containing the terms of engagement).

Services covers: Construction, land/property acquisition, land/property sale, property tenancy, and other financial investments.

About Meristem Trustees
Meristem Trustees is a subsidiary of Meristem Wealth Management Limited. The company was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Private Limited Liability Company in April 2012 and duly licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to carry out the functions of Trustees in the Capital market in June 2012.

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