Solar Exhibition at (SHELL COOPLAG EXPO) – A Positive Event For Nigeria (Pictures)


On the 20th of November precisely at the PHCN Car Park at Marina, the 13th Edition of the Annual Shell Staff Cooperative investment and Thrift Society Ltd (COOPLAG ) trade expo took place. There were representatives from the Banking, Automobile, Fashion, Food & Drinks, Health and of course, Energy Industry.

As usual, Solynta Energy was there to represent and showcase its Solar products and offers.

As part of the introductory process of the event, a product briefing was made to familiarize visitors to the expo -with a question and answer session to attend to their enquiries.

Payment plans on offer were the Lease to Own (LTO), Pay as you go (PAYGO) and Outright purchase plans.


Home system Products on offer ranged from the Mini System 500 Watts to the Ultimate Power System(5KW). For more on home systems, please click here.

The event recorded good turnout of visitors as they spoke about their interests in the products, asked questions and got the good response from the marketers and attendees at the stand.

As a point to note, the event was an eye-opener for visitors who never had an idea of cost/pricing, value and different models of solar products. 

The next shell event will likely take place next year about the same time. Organisers of the event promise a better performance and awareness platform for visitors. On the other hand, the Solynta Energy team has doubled their promise of more fantastic offers and look forward to satisfying visitors at the next event.

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The advantage of such event is that it is an avenue to educate the citizens about solar, its usefulness and its affordability.In such a way,it supports the government by helping citizens to prepare their mind for the new wave in power generation.

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