5 Reasons Why Fish Pepper Soup is The Ultimate Feel-good Dish


If you walk into any decent bar & restaurant across any Nigerian city today, you’re most likely going to find the point-and-kill fish pepper soup option as part of the menu. In some places, it is quite the main attraction. Fish pepper soup holds a special place in the Nigerian/West African cuisine. It’s the kind of meal a family or a group of friends treat themselves to.

Whether it’s catfish, Croaker, Tilapia or fresh fish, Nigerians like their fish pepper soup as either a stand-alone meal or eaten with foods like yam and rice. In this post, we’ll be sharing why fish pepper soup is the ultimate feel-good dish loved by many.

  1. The Flu Fixer
    If you grew up in Nigeria, you’d have seen that it’s quite common practice for mothers to make fish pepper soup for their kids when they have the flu or a cold. Some people often make it extra spicy by adding considerable amounts of pepper which clears those sinuses and helps you breathe much better. So next time you are suffering from a cold or flu, try spicy fish pepper soup!
  1. Hearty Meal

Fish pepper soup, especially the kind made with Hake or Panla fish, is usually great for heart health. The fish belongs to the cod family and is especially nutritious and low on cholesterol – which bodes well for the heart. Fish pepper soups are a hearty dish, literally!

  1. It’s Low In Carbs

Croaker or Tilapia Fish pepper soup is a meal you can have even while on a diet. They are delicious, enjoyable and low in carbs and fats.

  1. Cooks Fast & Easy To Prepare

Perhaps one of the really best things about fish pepper soup is how quickly it can be prepared and how easy the process is. Once you get the ingredients required, the meal can be ready in under 30 minutes.

  1. It’s A Party Pleaser!

When you have lots of people around and need to serve something real quick that everyone would enjoy, you can never go wrong with fish pepper soup. We already mentioned that it cooks fast. It’s a great option to get everyone started on when you’re having people over.



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