Unicorn Media & Communication: Re-Inventing Media As A Whole


Unicorn Media & Communications  is a subsidiary of Unicorn Conglomerate in South Africa. We are trying to be the first South African media entity with ten news/media websites, online radio, online television, online library and communications. 

Our Vision: Is to re-invent media.

Our Mission: Is to provide uncompromised information, news updates, edutainment, reliable communication, and dependable networks.

Our Aim: Is to expand to four geographic locations of Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya & Egypt), UK, America, South Korea and Australia.

Our Services: Is to provide esteem and valuable range of services from online news/media platforms to online radio, online television, online library, online advertising, online marketing, ICT services, photography, and a wide range of communication products.

Our Motto: Be the first to know!

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