Why Do Inverter Batteries Die Earlier Than Expected?


A battery is a vital part of an inverter. The performance of an inverter largely depends on its battery. Regular care and maintenance of batteries keep them in good shape for a longer time period.

There are several reasons behind the failure of inverter batteries earlier than expected.

Excess usage

The lifespan of a battery is very much dependent upon how much it is used. Batteries wear out faster when used too much. Inverter utilizes the energy stored in batteries and supplies current to the electrical and electronic devices to keep them running during a power cut. The more load or devices you use during a power failure, more power will be sucked out of batteries and they will wear out faster.

Poor quality battery charger

An inverter unit has 3 components: a charger, a battery, and an inverter. The charger is connected to the power supply and it charges the battery when the electricity is coming from the utility. A poor quality charger can destroy the battery faster than anything else. Use good quality chargers to increase the life of the battery.

Overcharging battery

Overcharging leads to corrosion of battery plates which eventually results in premature battery failure. If your battery is getting too hot, it is an indication that it is getting overcharged. Overcharging a rechargeable battery leads to its early than expected failure.

Deep discharging the battery

Deep discharging is not good for the health of any rechargeable battery. For example, deep-cycle batteries like lead-acid batteries are designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. A battery loses its efficiency and capacity when it is subjected to deep discharge.

Lack of regular maintenance

Poor maintenance is a major reason behind battery damage. Rust, corrosion, and dryness are biggest enemies of your inverter battery. Rusting in terminals reduces the current flow to and from the battery. This restricted flow of current results in slow battery charging which ultimately reduces battery life. Batteries also require regular topping up with distilled water and cleaning. If top-up is not done than battery plates get dried. Dry batteries cannot be saved from failure.
Electrolyte leakage

It is very important to inspect inverter batteries regularly for any damage and fault. Sometimes the electrolyte leaks through cracks developed in the battery. Due to lack of electrolyte the batteries fail.