Lumos Nigeria Supports SMEs with Energy Solutions


Offers two-month free subscription to small businesses

Lumos Nigeria, in partnership with MTN Nigeria, has offered small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a simple solar power system, which could power their required basic energy needs to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

Lumos explained that a solution to the increasing energy need in Nigeria could be achieved with two light bulbs and a solar panel, which when connected to the device, illuminates any location and gives seamless power supply while resolving the major energy challenges with just a click on a button.

Speaking to The Guardian, at an SME fair in Lagos, the firm’s Vice President, Marketing, Olufemi Ashipa, maintained that the company is committed to supporting SMEs in the country by eliminating their electricity challenges.

He stressed that lack of funding and quality electricity, among others, was a serious constraint to the SMEs and that with the new product, the firm has offered a lasting solution to the problem of electricity. He maintained that a study conducted by the company with a group of SMEs found that 72 percent of them increased their turnover by almost 100 percent using Lumos, compared to generators, while 58 percent of them made significant savings of over 60 percent from what they used to spend on energy.

“With this research, we saw that Lumos helps SMEs in efficiency while spending less on rendering their services, as Lumos is in the business of providing energy solutions to Nigerians,” he added.

Ashipa stated that the company was supporting SMEs by offering them a two- month free subscription when they subscribe to their services and also at a cheaper price by spreading the cost of the device into monthly subscriptions for five years.He explained that subscribers have to pay an installation fee of N26,000 and a monthly subscription of N4,500, spread across five years during which subscribers have a 100 percent warranty on the product in case of any malfunction.

Comparing the solar-powered device to other energy sources, he pointed out that it provides up to 60 percent savings compared to what customers paid to other energy service providers.

“The device helps users to save more, as it supplies users with efficient and reliable power. The beauty of the device is that it does not give low voltage or very high voltage electricity but clean consistent energy, which gets every appliance working at the same rate, giving no room for damaged appliances.

“Lumos can be said to be an affordable service, relative to the prices of generators, inverters or other similar energy solutions,” he stated.He said the high price of fuel, was one of the major setbacks for SMEs in the country, adding that Nigerians were switching to the Lumos solution, as the company has recorded 90,000 subscribers base, who are currently using its solar home system.

Ashipa noted that through its research and statistics, the company had extended reliable energy to about 350,000 Nigerians through a simple energy solution.

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