Kwese: Strive Masiyiwa Announces Facebook Page Quiz Winners


Congratulations to our 24 winners from across eight African countries – Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe – who came out on top of six different Facebook quizzes on topics ranging from new Kwesé channels, to Kwesé NEWS channels, Kwesé Knowledge Channels, Kwesé Kids Channels, as well as one on Shareholding structures and the most recent – on our African Winter Olympians competing in PyeongChang, South Korea right now! 

Well done all! The competitions as always were very close and some of you almost made the winner list.  Thanks to everyone for participating and apologize for the delay in announcing a couple of the quiz results below. These have been very busy days and we appreciate your patience.

As a matter of interest, in the Winter Olympic 2018 quiz last week (about our record number of African Olympians competing in PyeongChang, South Korea) it became clear that many of us on the African continent are still somewhat new to Winter Sports events. However, since so many of you did such an excellent job in any case, while not always quite understanding the full complexities of all the Olympic winter sports events yet, my jury decided to be a little more flexible than usual in certain areas. For example, many contestants wrote “Alpine” skiing as if this were the only individual event whilst there are actually several Alpine skiing “events” in the Olympics including:

#Ladies’ and Men’s Downhill, #Ladies’ and Men’s Giant Slalom, #Ladies’ and Men’s Super-G, #Ladies’ and Men’s Slalom, #Ladies’ and Men’s Alpine combined. (Generally speaking, Alpine skiing means the skiier goes DOWN the hill, either around flags at different intervals or straight down!)

Cross-country skiing is also a broad category (similar to cross-country running but on skis) that includes Ladies’ and Men’s Cross-Country skiing but also Men’s 15km Free, Ladies 10km Free, Ladies’ and Men’s Sprint Classic… and the event list does go on.

Another challenge you (and my jury) faced was the weather in Pyeongchang, South Korea… Because it’s been very windy some days, the organizers were forced to change some start times to ensure the safety of the athletes. As a result, it sometimes became difficult to track the precise “first” event time for each African athlete (as some schedules actually changed during the course of the quiz).

Generally, my jury does not make exceptions but this three-part quiz was particularly challenging and several of you made an Olympic effort with excellent presentation, providing details and research sources, and just a few of you mentioned some specific skiing events. Well done for effort!

As for the other quizzes, please continue to remember to include all the details, and present your answers as clearly and professionally as possible. Some of the Olympic entries had the first-class presentation and that made all the difference in this quiz. Congratulations to all!

Strive Masiyiwa, Chairman Econet Global

WINTER OLYMPICS QUIZ #1 (8 February 2018)

I will give a decoder or two months free subscription to the first person from any African country who can answer these questions:

1. Give me the names (and countries) of all the other African athletes competing in the games.

2. What Olympic sport(s) are they competing in?

3. When is each athlete’s FIRST scheduled time to compete (date and time & be sure to put the time zone).

Remember to put your country and the source of your research. (And check on in the next few days to find out if you’re a winner in our other recent quizzes!)

Correct answers:

Question #1:

·       ‪Shannon-Ogbani Abeda – Eritrea

·       ‪Akwasi Frimpong – Ghana

·       ‪Sabrina Simader – Kenya

·       ‪Mialitiana Clerc – Madagascar

·       ‪Adam Lamhamedi – Morocco

·       ‪Samir Azzimani – Morocco

·       ‪Connor Wilson – South Africa

·       ‪Alessia Afi Dipol – Togo* (Withdrawn)

·       ‪Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean – Togo

‪Question #2:

·       ‪Shannon-Ogbani Abeda – Men’s Alpine

·       ‪Akwasi  Frimpong – Skeleton

·       ‪Sabrina Simader – Alpine: Ladies Super-G and Giant Slalom

·       ‪Mialitiana Clerc – Alpine: Ladies Giant Slalom and Slalom

·       ‪Adam Lamhamedi – Men’s Alpine

·       ‪Samir Assimani – Cross-Country: Men’s 15km Free

·       ‪Connor Wilson – Men’s Alpine

·       ‪Alessia  Afi Dipol – Alpine Skiing (Withdrawn)

·       ‪Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean – Cross-Country: 10km Free and Sprint Classic


·       Caleb Nii Lante Lamptey‪, Ghana

·       Obe Michael ‘oluwadara‪, Nigeria

·       ‪Olokun Olusegun‪ Olusegun, Nigeria

·       Andrew Torgbenda, Nigeria

·       ‪Ayoola Oladayo O‪, Nigeria

·       Adolf Ndiyoyi Lifumbo‪, Zambia.

·       Joshua Chongo Lupupa‪, Zambia

·       Paddington Mandizvidza, Zimbabwe


The Kwesé TV news channels are organized in three categories: local, continental, and global (Europe, USA, Middle East, Japan, India, China). I will give 10 decoders to the first 10 people, in each country who can give me the following information:

#1. The total number of news channels available in your country.

#2. Name and channel number of each channel, as well as the country of the channel.

(Hint: Even if you’re not an existing Kwesé TV customer, you can get all information to answer these questions by going to Kwese.Com). Don’t forget to tell me your country and only put your answers under this Afterthought.

Correct answers:

·       705 – CNN – USA

·       710 – BBC – UK 

·       715 – Sky News – UK

·       720 – TVC News – Nigeria

·       721 – Channels TV – Nigeria

·       722 – KTN – Kenya (Note that as it was off air for a period of time during quiz, this answer was optional)

·       725 – AfricaNews – Congo (Pont Noire/Brazzaville)

·       730 – Al Jazeera – Qatar

·       731 – WION – India

·       732 – CNC World – China

·       735 – Bloomberg – USA

·       736 – CNBC – South Africa franchise/US company

·       740 – France 24 – France

·       745 – DW – Germany


·       Lebby Morapelo, Botswana

·       Oaagana M Modirelabangwe, Botswana

·       Moses Odh, Kenya

·       Peter Maina, Kenya

·       PrinceNdungo Kakis, Kenya

·       Ebuka Okadigbo Nkenka, Nigeria

·       Uzoma Ndukwe, Nigeria

·       Bigs Mule, Zambia

·       Frank Liswaniso Lukonde, Zambia

·       Nyasha Sithole, Zimbabwe


I will give a free decoder to the first #LionessMom from any African country who can list, by name and channel number, all the Kwesé TV children and teenager channels (including knowledge channels). Only put your answers here under this Afterthought and remember to put your country.

Correct answers:

·       500 – Kwesé Kids

·       505 – Dreamworks

·       510 – Toonami

·       511 – Cartoon Network

·       512 – Boomerang

·       515 – POP

·       520 – CBeebies

·       525 – JimJam


·       Oluchigoodness Nneji, Nigeria

·       Patricia Kaseke, Namibia

·       Debra Tsungy Gova, Zimbabwe


I will give two month’s free subscription to the first Kwesé TV customer (from any country where we have Kwesé TV) who can list all the knowledge channels on Kwesé TV (including the channel numbers), and can also name at least one show that they have watched on each channel. Only put your answers here under this Afterthought and remember to put your country.

Correct answers:

·       400 – Kwesé Know

·       405 – Kwesé Inc

·       410 – Odisseia

·       415 – DTX

·       420 – Animal Planet

·       425 – Discovery Science

·       430 – Investigation ID

·       435 – National Geographic

·       436 – Nat Geo Wild

·       440 – Travel Channel (Lifestyle)

·       445 – Fine Living (Lifestyle)

·       450 – Fashion Television (Lifestyle)

Note: These answers could be found on the TV Guide on in the section entitled Factual/Lifestyle. One can learn a lot of knowledge from news channels, too, but that is not what I was looking for here, as nearly all contestants knew.


·       Moses Odh, Kenya

·       Oagana M Modirelabangwe, Botswana

SHAREHOLDING QUIZ (9 December 2017)

I will give a Kwesé decoder to the first person from an African country, where Kwesé is active, who can tell me the percentage shareholding in their companies of the following corporate titans:

1. Bill Gates
2. Elon Musk
3. Patrice Motsepe
4. Mark Zuckerberg
5. Jack Ma
6. Jeff Bezos

Also, state the registered name of their company, and value of their shares (note as of which date). *If you don’t have Kwesé TV in your country, you gift it to a friend for Christmas. Be sure to only answer under this Afterthought and put the name of your country.


Note: My jury did not find a winner for this quiz, so I will hold it again in the near future. Some answers were very close, but no one had each answer (and number) completely right. Remember it sometimes takes a little digging to get to the full answer. Check your sources.


Breaking on Kwesé TV: Three new channels went up last night! Wow, I can’t wait to get back to Africa to see them for myself. Another four channels will go up tomorrow! Meanwhile, I will give one-month free service to the first person (from any country where Kwesé operates) who tells me the following:

1. The names and channel numbers of (at least 2) of the 3x channels.
2. At least one show that you saw on any of these 3 new channels.

Correct answers:

·       110 – Kwesé Family

·       840 – GOD TV

·       860 – Ezekiel TV


·       Manzi Adams, Rwanda

If you are a winner, congratulations! These are the next steps:

Please go back to Mr. Masiyiwa’s Facebook page under the Afterthought entitled “Quiz announcements” and notify him and us there in writing as a comment that you know you have won.

Thereafter please keep an eye on your FACEBOOK MESSENGER where you will receive a note from our team to get your contacts and move the process forward.

If we haven’t heard back from you within three weeks, your prize will be null and void. Please DO NOT delay. Please note that the process of getting you your prize can take some time, as decoders, for example, are in high demand right now, and stocks are short in some places. Kindly patient. Our team will definitely get your prize as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone for taking part!