Luminous Introduces Long-Lasting ‘Inverlast’ Batteries For Inverters


Wandel International Nigeria Limited, a member of the Simba Group and makers of alternate energy power solutions which include inverters and solar powered systems recently launched its Inverlast range of inverter batteries into the country at a dealer’s conference held in Abuja.

Luminous Inverlast batteries are long-lasting batteries developed especially for inverter usage. They use a tubular battery design which reduces internal corrosion and extends the life of the battery. The batteries also charge much faster compared to existing ones available in the market due to the way the tubes are structured, which positively impacts the way they store energy.

Speaking at the conference, a representative of Simba Group, Mr Rajneesh Gupta stated that these batteries have already taken over the Indian inverter battery market, and the company is ready to launch these batteries in Nigeria. He added, “At Simba, we have always been at the forefront of innovation and that is what has driven our success. We have invested in the infrastructure required to launch these batteries in Nigeria so that our customers are able to derive the specific technological benefits, and enjoy always-on power for longer.”

Also speaking at the conference, a senior official of Luminous India, Mr. Soamy Dixit explained that Luminous is by far the biggest player in the inverter segment in India, and the company’s brand of Tubular batteries dominates the market due to its advanced technologically and remains extremely affordable because of Luminous’ in-house R&D.

“We manufacture our inverters in India, the biggest inverter market in the world where nearly the entire market uses Tubular batteries now. This is because these batteries are designed specifically for inverter applications and the technology used allows it to last longer than the VRLA batteries which are still used in the Nigerian market” he said.

Responding on behalf of the dealers, Mr. Hibbolitus Nzebube of Shobaz Electricals noted that the performance of the batteries in the market and testimony from many households have shown that Nigerians are really pleased with the quality of service.

”I can say that my customers have been testifying to the performance of the products. I have not had any complaint from customers and it has been good testimonies all the way,” he disclosed.