In Nigeria’s rural Ilara community, most men and women have never heard of or used a modern family planning method. In fact, even most providers in this community don’t have knowledge of modern contraceptive methods.
Two of DKT Nigeria’s Graduate Trainees sought to change this. Simisola Osinowo and Tomilola Ajai traveled for five hours from urban Lagos to remote communities. Simisola and Tomilola organized a training session to educate the village’s providers about modern contraceptive methods. Simisola and Tomilola explained the wide variety of family planning products available in Nigeria, placing special emphasis on Sayana Press, a subcutaneous injectable that prevents pregnancy for three months.
Left: Simisola and Tomilola pose in front of a clinic in the Ilara Community.
During this day-long training, providers learned how to administer Sayana Press.
Health care providers also received information about DKT’s Sayana Press SMS reminder alert service, which encourages women to stay up-to-date on their injections. In just one day, Simisola and Tomilola changed the family planning landscape in a remote village. Their training will empower women to seek family planning care and take control of their fertility.
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