The Power of Radio Communication and Contraceptives – DKT Nigeria

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Despite the growth of TV, internet and mobile phones over the past decades, radio still reaches over 70% of the world’s population. In Nigeria, 75% of households have access to a radio. According to surveys conducted in major cities in Nigeria among women, radio is an important source of family planning information. More than 57% of women with knowledge of family planning received family planning messages through radio programs.

DKT recognizes the value of the radio platform in educating the populace and has been implementing a radio campaign with live interactive programs across the nation. We have programs running on about 50 radio stations in English, Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa languages targeting different groups. This ensures that at least 7 radio programs are running daily.

Listeners call during the radio programs or send SMS to ask questions on family planning. Some satisfied listeners who happen to listen to previous programs and adopted a contraceptive method give testimonies on how DKTs radio programs have impacted their lives.

Some of the testimonials

1. Gift Onyema:

It has been over two years now with NXT, I have not had any major health challenges, I just hope after this year I will be able to have another baby.

2. Olumachi Chikezie:

Dee Mike, I used the 3 months own successfully, no pregnancies, my plan is to go for a longer one like NXT, I hope no issues, please advise.

3. Jacob Nwauke:

My wife just delivered me a boy last three months, she was using the 3 months pregnancy prevention medicine before we decided to have another baby, it was like a year 6 months she used it, I think it is safe.

4. Dee Mike,

thank you so much for your program, I use to have a lot of fears over this type of medicine, but no more, I have not missed this program, Kelerem Doctor.

5. Esther From Umule (Calling in Program):

My sister uses the implant on the arm, so far it has been good, no health challenges, her period flows normal, your product is good.

6. Ijeoma From Umule (Calling in Program):

June will make it 5 years I implanted JADELLE and so far it has been good, no health challenges, but from November my period has not been regular now, it looks like its expiring now.

7. On Planet FM, Akwa Ibom:

Mr. Akpan called the day Lydia IUD was discussed and said his wife got the IUD inserted in November and she has not had any complaint other than the fact that she experiences heavier bleeding during her period which wasn’t so much of a worry but on listening to the program they both learnt that heavy period can happen when you have an IUD in place. He was thankful that such a program is happening on the radio.

8. Mr. Osamede Joe in Benin sent an SMS that reads:

I have been having issues with quick ejaculation for the past 5 months. I have used some herbal drugs to no avail. But since I heard from radio the use of Prolong fiesta condom from Speed FM, Benin, I gave it a try, I have been enjoying sexual intercourse with my partner.