PR Measurement Awareness In Nigeria Records 12% Growth In 2017 – Report


One of the highlights of 2017 in the nation’s integrated marketing communications industry is the increasing attention PR measurement and evaluation programmes have continued to enjoy among stakeholders in the industry, a report released by P+ Measurement Services has revealed.

PPlus Measurement  Services,  is an independent  communications and PR measurement agency.

In the report tagged, ‘Top PR Measurement Moments in Nigeria 2017,’ the firm identified a substantial growth in PR measurement awareness in Nigeria, from 25 percent in 2016 to 37 percent in 2017, with 19 percent usage of PR measurement programme.

The report also identified a remarkable increase in the acceptance of the ‘non-validity’ of AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent),  and a huge drop in the demand for AVE from clients, as a media monitoring tool.

The AVE in advertising parlance, simply refers to the cost of buying the space taken up by a particular article, had the article been an advertisement.

Perhaps one of the contributory factors to the increased awareness PR measurement got in the year, was the hosting of the AMEC Measurement Month in Nigeria, by P+ Measurement Services,  where communications, public relations, and marketing professionals were educated on the importance of valid metrics and why they should ‘Say no to AVE.’

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Institutions, from the nation’s insurance sector through CAMCONIA, and PR practice through the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) also threw their weight behind valid PR metrics, by engaging P+Measurement Services to educate members on the importance of PR measurement and evaluation programme in its marketing and communications campaigns.

“There was a decrease in the percentage of people with Misconceptions of The Barcelona Principle 2.0 as a measurement tool instead of a guideline to a PR measurement programme, through our relentless education programmes in the year,” the report said.

Giving an insight into what to expect in the new year, the leader of the firm, Mr. Philip Odiakose, explained that the intention of the PR Measurement agency is to continue to grow the awareness of good PR measurement in Nigeria and its application to 50 percent in 2018.