Investment One Releases A Report On ’10 Great Places To Invest In Nigeria’


Investment One, a leading financial services group in Nigeria; has released a detailed list of 10 profitable investment vehicles for discerning investors planning to invest in Nigeria. The 10 investment opportunities that are profiled in the report are treasury bills, commercial papers, sovereign bonds, state bonds, corporate bonds, Eurobonds, and equities. Others are mutual funds, real estate, and venture capital.

In the report, the investment firm also highlighted financial trends in the Nigerian economy, noting, “2017 was reflective of a significant improvement in Nigeria’s oil sector. This led to the country’s exit from a recession, a boost in foreign exchange (FX) availability and an increase in foreign investor participation in the nation’s capital markets.”

Speaking on the report, Managing Director of Investment One, Nicholas Nyamali, said, “In Nigeria, there are lots of investment opportunities to benefit from. I believe that knowledge about investing should not be limited to a select few. Everyone deserves to know about investment opportunities that exist in this day and age.”

In reference to equities, the investment firm stated that equity markets are subject to volatilities in the short term and therefore advised investors to take a long-term view to investing in equities with a preference for fundamentally sound quality names.

The report also advised small-scale investors to look toward the potential in the government bonds. However, in the section on sovereign bonds, the report cautioned that “Given the backing of the Federal Government; fixed income instruments are default risk-free but are subject to interest rate risk.”

Besides, the report listed a step-by-step process of how a potential investor can open an investment account, to take advantage of the opportunities listed therein, remarking that intending investors are not only advised on what to invest in, but also how to practically do so.

The Investment One Top 10 Report can be downloaded from