Diamond Bank To Leverage New Platform For Increased Customer-Base


Diamond Bank Plc’s newly unveiled app, Dreamville, is expected to help the financial institution increase its 15 million customer-base by year-end.

In specific, Diamond Bank said with the new app, it is expecting additional one million customers.

Speaking at the launch of the app in Lagos, Head of Youth Segment, Diamond Bank, Adaeze Umeh, said the solution was capable of deepening the reach of the bank, especially among the youths.

Umeh said the app was developed by a Nigerian youth on the Microsoft platform for Nigerians between the ages of 13 and 35.

She described the app as the first Nigerian gamification youth portal for banking with learning material, adding that the app aimed to achieve financial literacy in youths with a feature that would allow setting of savings goals.

Umeh explained that when people achieved their savings goals, they would earn badges and rankings on the leaderboard, and earn prizes as well.

She stressed that there was no child that would go through the processes of the app, and would not come out better off in preparedness for the workplace and entrepreneurship.

“We say there are no jobs, but the truth is people lack skills. We need to equip ourselves with the right skills so we can optimize the little opportunities out there,” she stated.

Umeh said aside from the savings goal, the app had features such as comics, videos, games, and financial features. She stressed that non-Diamond Bank subscribers could use the app and access all its features except the financial feature.

According to Umeh, the financial feature will require a Diamond Bank account, hence its limitation to the bank’s customers only.

Speaking at the event, the New Business Lead, Gamsole Mobile Entertainment, Ayodeji Omole, described the app as a first-of-its-kind literacy innovation for youths.

He said the app combined education and entertainment to suit different needs, adding: “Dreamville is a financial literacy village that integrates social media platforms to create an amazing experience for the users,” he stated.