Economy: NPS, Critical to Business Growth…


STAKEHOLDERS and business professionals at the weekend urged organizations, including business owners in the country to key into Net Promoter Score (NPS), a business solution powered by mSurvey, an internationally recognized Mobile-first consumer feedback platform recently launched in Nigeria.

The NPS is one of the fastest growing services provided by mSurvey aimed at fostering customer relationship and improving the growth of businesses in the country. At a two-day training organized by mSurvey, which held at the Lagos Business School, Ajah, Lagos, last week, a team comprising of seven panelists revealed indices such as segmentation, cultural identification, fundamental relationships, demographic and psychographic characteristics amongst others, as major templates used in customer identification.

On segmentation, one of the panelists, Ken Okwero, the Head of Strategy, Safaricom, agreed that gender remains a major factor to be considered by every organization intending to deliver quality services and goods to customers.

The panel, moderated by a presenter/producer with CNBC Africa, Onyi Sunday, also included the Group CEO Java House, Ken Kuguru; the Founder Trace and Tru Africa, Claude Grunitzky; the CEO mSurvey, Kenfiel Griffin, and the Group Head, Customer Experience, ABM Group, Stella Kamau, amongst others. The panelists further submitted that cultural differences and fundamental relationships are factors that determine the kind and type of services to be delivered after gender identification. They noted that value in NPS, strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT), monetary value, providing solutions and response value, are major accruable benefits. “In NPS real-time feedback is very important; it’s the way to go.

Real-time has transformed so many business organizations Since media is in crisis, and since there is fake news everywhere, we have no option than to resort to our social media strength to ask and evaluate our customer’s feedback patterning our services,” the panelists submitted.