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Tigo Ghana and Airtel Ghana merge to form AirtelTigo…

In November 2017, Bharti Airtel and Millicom International announced the finalisation of a deal to merge their Ghanaian operations, Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana.

The National Communications Authority approved the merger in October 2017 following an agreement in March between the two companies.

Under the joint agreement, Bharti Airtel and Millicom have equal ownership and governance rights in the combined entity.

Following the merger, ‘AirtelTigo’ became the country’s second-largest mobile operator by a number of subscribers. The newly formed company bumps Vodafone Ghana out of the second position and follows market leader MTN Ghana.

According to the National Communications Authority in June 2017 the total number of mobile subscriptions in Ghana was 36.4 million, equal to a penetration rate of approximately 128%. Market leader MTN Ghana represents 17.3 million subscribers, an increase of 6.5 million since 2012.

The number of Vodafone Ghana subscribers has also risen consistently over the fiveyear period, from 2.4 million in 2012 to 8.8 million in 2017. Tigo Ghana gained 1.8 million subscribers to reach 5.4 million in 2017. Airtel Ghana, however, lost 40.3% of its subscriptions across the period, retaining just 4.2 million in 2017.

2017 Market Share of Mobile Subscriptions

Ghana National Communications Authority figures reveal that between 2012 and 2017 MTN Ghana has been the consistent market leader by number of subscriptions. Across the five-year period, the company’s market share rose by 1.5 percentage points to 47.5%. Vodafone Ghana’s market share also rose, from 21% in 2012 to 24.1% in 2017. Both Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana experienced marginal changes in market share, falling 0.37% and rising 0.71% respectively. However, following the merger of the two companies, the overall dynamic of market share has changed. The market share held by small mobile networks – who after a number of exits now only include Glo Mobile and Expresso – has decreased from 7% in 2012 to just 2.08% in 2017.

Market Share of Mobile Subscribers Over Time (2012-2017)

MTN Ghana Revenue Over Time, US$ millions (2012-17)

MTN Ghana is a subsidiary of South Africa’s MTN Group, a publicly listed company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. From FY12 to FY17 MTN Ghana’s total revenue rose by 51.3% to $861.4 million.
*Converted from ZAR as of 09/04/18 exchange rate…



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