#Ongacious: Pictures from the First Ever Traders Cooking Competition…


Promasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of Onga Seasoning, organized the first-ever Traders Cooking Competition in the ancient city of  Ibadan. 

The first ever #Ongacious Traders Cooking Competition happened a few days ago, at the famous Gbagi Market.

Traders were grouped into the teams. Traders from Bodija Market, Agbeni Market, Sasha Market and Gbagi Market came through in support of their markets teams namely; #TeamBodija#TeamSasha#TeamAgbeni and #TeamGbagi .  Winners will be announced soon.

Our ONGA Mamas sure know how to do the Gele thing. Look what they came up with in just 3 minutes #OngaciousTCC #MamasHelpingHand

There were lots to savor from the indigenous cuisines/meal.

Nothing as sumptuous as a meal seasoned with ONGA. Yes or Yes? #OngaciousTCC #MamasHelpingHand

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