A Good Salesman & A Bad Product.


It is not a cliché to often hear that there is no good way to sell a bad product. I know salespeople find joy in proclaiming their ability to sell ice to the Eskimos, but I bet the ice must be a good one!

Objections about product quality is a serious objection to think of. Customers that deliberately buy low-quality products instead of the higher quality ones (price factor) still do have some expectations of value. They expect to get some ‘good’ value that is commensurate or will even surpass the less they are parting with.

The best way to respond to the quality objection is to fix the problem. Do not strive to master handling objections of quality, rather strive to make your product meet the quality expectations.

Don’t always think you can get away with new customers. It has been proven time and again..a company benefits more when customers buy again or bring referrals. In short, the longer you keep your customer the more profitable they become. Time and more businesses thin out the cost of acquisition.

Objection handling is not a match of arguments. Do not push your prospect to the point of asking you if he/she is lying about the objections. Take objections as one bridge to cross in making the sale.

Be a good salesman, sell good products…


Written by: Olugbenga Johnson, Sales Enthusiast & Trainer | CRM & Mobile Solutions Provider | Entrepreneur

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