How To Get Cheap Gaming Laptop Computer For College


A gaming laptop computer is not called a “rig” for nothing. This category of computers offers powerful performance that can satisfy the needs of game addicts and easily handle the demands of school work.

As a gamer, you could easily blow $5000-$6000 on a rig, but competition in this market means that you can get a decent gaming laptop at an affordable price.

But modern games are resource intensive, and so you’ll want to spend as much as you can afford on CPU and graphics power. If you can financially swing it, go for Core i7–powered laptop with 6GB of RAM and a mid- to high-end dedicated Nvidia or AMD graphics engine.

How To Get Cheap Gaming Laptop Computer For College - Brand Spur

To bring a greater level of intensity to gaming, there are immersive 3D screens and GPUs, which when used in conjunction with special glasses, deliver a visual experience akin to 3D. Know more about 3D screen and GPUs from LaptopJudge.

Of course, the technology that makes these enhanced viewing experiences possible adds to the weight and cost of your gaming laptop computer. And you’ll need to be extra careful with how you handle such a laptop.

Be aware of how much pressure is exerted on the lid when it’s closed. And forget about chucking your laptop in your bag under some heavy books. This is a recipe for screen damage.

Gamers no doubt expect a visual experience and as such most rigs have 15.6-inch or larger displays. But to save on cost and increase portability, there are decent-to-excellent rigs available with 14-inch screens. A smaller rig would allow you to play games until your eyes burn but would still be light enough for you to take around campus.

If you won’t compromise on size and prefer a big-display rig, be prepared to lug around a weighty travel mate in the region of 7 pounds and poor battery endurance.

Heat, a large panel and the highly resource intensive nature of playing games will drain batteries fast. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a 9 cell battery, which should give you decent playing time when are away from a power outlet. If you want to know about laptop backpack, read guide to buying best motorcycle backpack.

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