Still on the matter of the King in the Market.


Hello everyone,

Some time ago a brand was about to launch into the Nigerian market. They had taken their time to develop the PRODUCT and put out a great commercial (PROMOTION). The product was launched and the adverts were a great success in Nigeria.

Based on the success in Nigeria, they decided to spread to a neighbouring West African country, Ghana. They were going to roll out the product the exact same way in Ghana as it was done in Nigeria. They with so much enthusiasm expected a huge success in Ghana like they had in Nigeria since they were neighbours and had the similar cultural leaning.

Did they record that same level of success in Ghana like Nigeria?

Let us find out.

The launch was successful or so they thought until they realized that sales were low and nothing compared to the success in Nigeria.

So, they decided to find out what was wrong. They resorted to what they should have done at the beginning. They conducted what you would call MARKETING RESEARCH (further explanations coming soon) to find out if they got it wrong with the MARKETING ELEMENTS or the MARKETING MIX (Product, Price, Place and Promotion). They went to the CONSUMERS in Ghana to find out why the product seemed to be a repellant rather than an attraction.

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They found out that, it was not the Product or the Price or the Place (Distribution channel) but, the Promotion. One of the Promotion elements i.e. the advert was passing a culturally unacceptable message. The ADVERT? Did I hear you say the ADVERT?

Yes, you read right a minute detail in the Advert.

What was it about the ADVERT that was a turn off for the Ghanaian consumers?

We would find out in the next post.

Until I come your way next time.

Feel the Pulse of your Market (Consumers).

Written by: Victor Onofomi, Market Intelligence gathering enthusiast and Data lover…

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